Everything we do at iNovex contributes to growth—the growth of our customers, the growth of our employees, the growth of our business. We focus on all three in order to maintain the organic and dependent relationship among them; each requires and feeds the others in a cycle of growth. The following examples illustrate the focus of our growth strategies.


Grow our Customers

Through our engineering expertise, innovative approaches, structured management and talented employees we grow our customers by solving their complex business and technical problems—on time and on budget. Moreover, our iP3℠ Innovation Ecosystem provides a framework for the organic growth of our customer solutions. Through our service-oriented architectural approach and our Agile development methodology, we accumulate an inventory of discoverable, reusable, pre-built, pre-tested and pre-approved software modules and services. As this inventory grows, the time from “idea to solution” shrinks as we increasingly move from solution development to solution assembly. This organic growth provides our customers with maximum opportunity to evaluate development efforts and quick-reaction capability to direct our efforts—resulting in more stability, lower costs, reduced risk and accelerated deployment.

Our innovation keeps our customers on the leading edge of IT solutions to ensure their products and services remain relevant to their customers and meet future requirements and expectations. Our innovations leverage and complement existing programs and architectures to deliver performance breakthroughs in current systems at lower costs. Combined with our development and management methodologies, we produce more for less—allowing our customers to extend their IT budgets and grow faster.


Grow our Employees

Like most companies, we recognize that our ability to deliver customer solutions depends upon our ability to attract and retain talented, effective employees. In an industry focused on placing staff in billable positions, we feel it is important to take the time and extra effort to make sure that each hire is the right hire. We take pride in our challenging interview process, and we think the results speak for themselves—we employ some of the best and brightest technologists and managers in the industry. Maintaining a full-time staff recruiter is uncommon for a small company in this industry, but we have two experienced and highly-successful recruiters working full-time on staff to find the right workplaces

We grow our employees by providing them with challenging work and ample opportunities for training and education. We are so committed to growing talent from within that we maintain an Independent Research and Development (IR&D) capability. Built around an OpenStack cloud using heterogeneous hardware, our iLab provides a “sandbox” to train our developers on virtual infrastructure and cloud-based semantic technologies and solutions.

iNovex founded and chairs the first U.S.-based OSGi User’s Forum for the OSGi Alliance, bringing community practitioners together regularly to exchange OSGi deployment experiences, encourage business and technology collaborations and influence the direction of the OSGi Alliance. iNovex chairs the local World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Semantic Web Meet-up Group and regularly conducts “hackathons” with the industry’s best and brightest engineers to explore and develop new approaches and implementations of semantic and cloud technologies. iNovex provides incentives for our engineers with paid certification training for technologies that our customers value, such as Hadoop and Red Hat Linux. Through efforts like these, iNovex maintains an exceptional workforce of dedicated, trained and talented software engineers and technology innovators.  

We mentor future technologists and computer scientists through our intern program. Over the summer of 2013 our IR&D personnel led a group of intern students through an eight-week curriculum focused on Java development and data center development, deployment and sustainment—and we recently kicked off our winter program. iNovex recruiters are heavily involved in local Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs throughout the area, and are regularly invited to speak at STEM events. We are working with local school systems such as Anne Arundel County Public Schools to offer High School and College level credit as part of our intern program.  We grow our staff in terms of quantity and quality in order to support the growth of our customers.


Grow our Business

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Ultimately our ability to grow customers and employees depends upon our ability to sustain our business growth through commitment to our long-term vision, structured processes for key business activities mapped to that vision, and maintaining a healthy bottom line. We’ve sustained exceptional annual growth over the last five years while maintaining a healthy business posture through the various economic and political fluctuations that affect the industry. We now have more than 100 employees supporting a portfolio of prime contracts and subcontracts. iNovex has been recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing private businesses in the U.S. for the past two years.  We maintain our position as an industry leader in Cloud and Cyber software development, system engineering, integration and sustainment, and as a frontrunner of innovative IR&D, producing “Game Changing” Information Management technology solutions. We grow our business to help our customers grow theirs.

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