Remember as a kid how much fun a box could be?  Often the box itself is as much fun to play with as the contents!  At iNovex we value curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking.  In an uninspiring turn of phrase, these values have come to be known as “thinking outside the box”.  Taken from another perspective, that’s just another way of constraining thought.  We like to think inside the box too!   Creating innovative solutions that work within our customers’ space is what we do best.  Do you dislike constraints?  Do you approach problems with curiosity and creativity, and play as hard as you work?  If so — come play with us!



iNovex After-Hours

Gary Daigle, (from the VERY beginning) President and CEO.

Gary scales "The Wall" in the Savage Man Triathlon, Westernport Maryland, 2010.



The "Wall" is in the middle of a large uphill grade:

The Wall


Oh, and if you get up the wall, it’s another mile of up-hill climb. The bike course could kill a person. Fortunately for iNovex, not in this case.


Brendan Heussler, (College Intern, Summer 2011) Software Engineer, member of our Independent Research and Development (IR&D) team.

Brendan races in the 2014 West River 505 Spring Regatta.



Postscript: Sadly, Brendan has left iNovex. We miss you Brendan, and wish you luck! And we're going to leave your video up. It's pretty much ours at this point. Come back man!


Jim Chandler, (August 2013) Capture Manager.

Jim's kids regale him with song. First, the older kids, after a belated Thanksgiving Dinner. Bringing back parlor songs - there's no school like old school! Second, one of his fifteen year-old youngsters tries his hand at Leyenda by Isaac Albéniz.







Richard Goncher, (November, 2013) Senior Database Engineer.

Richard tries his hand at engineering an injury-free ride on the back of an Ostrich in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.




Security cameras catch someone "tagging" the iNovex iLab floor after hours.



2015 Summer Interns.

The interns invent a game.



Robert Kahmann, 2016 Summer Intern.

Nails it.



Dan Dienna. Been here a while. Moving back to the Colorado office. Spreadsheet God.

Properly serenaded.



Original composition by Al Gross, Software Central II PM.

Al Gross Lyrics

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