We innovate across the capabilities spectrum to deliver agile, breakthrough solutions.


Data Management

We have the tools to acquire, validate, store, protect, process, connect and curate your data.  More importantly, we have the business solutions to extract intelligence from your data.

We offer proven approaches for turning your data into decision-making power. Let us help you discover and visualize the value hidden in your data.


We use scientific methods and proven algorithms to weed out the noise and extract the actionable insights your operation needs to do your business better, right now.

Let us help you analyze your massive and isolated data sources to discover patterns and connections that illuminate the how, when, where and what driving your mission.

Cloud Solutions

Whether you are running applications that share data to remote users or support your critical business operations, a cloud platform provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. We can leverage cloud computing to help you reduce large upfront investments in hardware and spend less time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware.

We’ll provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources needed to power your newest product or operate your IT department.

Solution Prototyping

Modern operations require flexibility to accommodate rapidly-changing requirements.  We prioritize a contractor/customer partnership of shared ownership, function-based design, time-boxed cycles and continual prioritization of requirements as they evolve with operations.

We design and deliver flexible systems in small, iterative cycles—reducing your acquisition risk.


We design systems to help our customers safely navigate laws governing information security, privacy, integrity, accountability and transparency.  We can protect you from compliance risk by:

  • Assessing regulatory impact on your operations
  • Implementing automated controls
  • Remediating vulnerabilities and deviations
  • Validating compliance through reporting

Trust iNovex to reduce your overall compliance risk.


Recovering from cyber incidents is costly in terms of money, opportunity, credibility and reputation.  We have the expertise to harden and protect your systems, monitor for malicious activity, and prevent security incidents—giving you and your customers confidence that your operations are safe and secure.

We keep your systems safe from malicious actors who seek to steal your property and disrupt your operations.