Many compliance laws carry personal liability penalties for officers and directors. We use our extensive regulatory experience to maintain compliance through effective policies, strategies, technologies and reporting tools. We can help you:

  • Design compliance policy, strategy, governance and processes
  • Develop an integrated compliance framework
  • Apply technology to automate compliance and risk assessment
  • Create effective solutions to manage 3P compliance risk


Is your operation compliant? We can help.

Compliance Modeling and Testing

Let us help you implement an enterprise compliance framework so you can determine whether systems comply before you start building them.

A large and rapidly growing number of laws impact software systems world-wide. Software engineers need to ensure that their systems comply with these laws. They must understand which laws are applicable in various systems, the different ways to comply, and how such compliance impacts system requirements. The most important thing any organization can do is implement a comprehensive compliance framework that makes it easy for systems to comply, and thereby reduces the risk that any given system update or refresh does not impact your overall compliance.

That’s where we can help. We’ve designed compliance frameworks that not only make it easy to develop compliant software, but also make it easy to model and test the compliance posture of various requirements scenarios. Think of it as “PenTesting” for your compliance systems.

Compliance Analytics

We can design analytics that continually improve the compliance posture of your operations.

Manual and redundant compliance processes, outdated or poorly integrated compliance systems, and compliance overreach can all conspire to reduce operational efficiency and increase your costs. Worse, you may not even know it, or if you do know it, you may not understand where the bottlenecks or weaknesses are, and may be hesitant to “open up the hood”. This is where we can help by applying analytics to identify where compliance is unnecessarily constraining your operation. Conversely, our analytics can also identify where your compliance vulnerabilities lie.

We’ve applied supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to continually assess and improve compliance automation—with features like “recommenders” inserted into user workflows to help them make optimal compliance decisions. We’ve also automated compliance incident reporting, which supports analytics to help identify problem areas and trends.

Compliance Automation

Rely on us to reduce your risk with compliance automation that streamlines and improves your operational workflow.

As part of our compliance framework, we design and implement modular, plug-and-play compliance workflow tools to help your staff avoid costly compliance mistakes. These tools include policy and regulatory engines, workflow routing and authentication mechanisms, alerts and notifications, recommenders, incident reporting tools, and more. As part of a holistic framework, these tools offer peace of mind that your staff is making the right decisions, all the time.

When it comes to compliance, headlines are not what you want.

Your credibility is at stake. We can help you avoid the devastating legal and financial impact of non-compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Compliance automation is how we get you there.

$M one compliance issue cost the DoD.

Number of compliance issues you can afford.

$M we saved customers on software licensing compliance alone.

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Let us design and implement a compliance framework that ensures your operations are compliant now and in the future.

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