We offer data management solutions that bring your team together to create, share, and evolve collaborative enterprise data models. Once your enterprise data is in order, everything else gets much easier.

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Big Data Integration

We can solve your big data challenges.

We develop, deploy and support high-performance, scalable big data systems using an open architecture approach that combines live streaming, batch processing and cloud storage to build high-performance, scalable query capability into large-scale data streams – a “just-in-time”, high-performance data model that mimics real-time systems. For example, we’ve created big data integration solutions using tools like Hadoop, Apache’s open source MapReduce implementation for computational processing of massive data sets. We use Hadoop and associated applications like HDFS and Hive to deliver value in big data environments.

Business Intelligence

We can help your enterprise reduce the cost of your data-intensive BI operations, and deliver better results.

Most BI solutions begin with a business question and then acquire the data that is needed to continually answer that question. Traditional IT solutions embed the question and associated data access logic directly into applications. These question-focused approaches offer brittle, point-to-point access to your data – when data sources change, applications break. Have a new question? Better find a developer. We offer a different approach by fusing disparate data sources into noSQL solutions with intuitive user interfaces. For example, we integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from multiple sources, use connectors to load the unified data automatically into big data stores such as Accumulo, then use indexing strategies to exploit the unified data. We apply provenance metadata that helps users understand the sources and reliability (traceability, proof, hypothesis validation) of the data.


Let Mobi™ help your organization ask better questions and get better answers.

Our Mobi™ business solution platform taps the full potential of your enterprise data to deliver fresh insights. The Mobi™ Solution Platform links all your data into an enterprise model, and provides the tools and APIs that empower your team to build better solutions. It offers:

  • A distributed data modeling system that brings your team or community together to create, share, and evolve data models in a modern, web-based, collaborative environment.
  • Automated Data Enhancement that makes it easy to integrate data into your models, generating interoperable data without writing a single line of code.
  • Intuitive Data Exploration tools that make it easy to search and explore your enterprise data without the hassle of writing queries or analyzing models. (Oh, and the query tools are there too.)
  • Modular and Extensible Platform offers pluggable backend storage solutions, open REST and Java APIs, and a plugin framework make it easy to build solutions that extend and customize the Mobi Solution Platform to solve your business problems.

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Operational Alignment

We align your operations to streamline your business, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce cost and risk.

We are aligning operations for Fortune 500 companies by:

– Implementing semantic data lake and graph-based solutions – Performing scalable ingest and alignment of structured data sources – Performing scalable ingest of unstructured content – Applying context and analytics

  • Enhanced clinical trial management and enterprise search capabilities
  • Laboratory equipment data collection, aggregation, and analysis
  • Automation of adverse event reporting workflows
  • Product research and development document integration for improved search and faceted navigation
  • Regulatory information management to support data alignment for regulatory reporting

It’s in our DNA.

Data Management is in nearly everything we do. It’s part of our mantra: Get Right With Your Data. Because when your data is in order, everything else is just easier.

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