Adding a feature or fixing a defect during the integration phase costs anywhere from 10 to 100 times the cost of addressing it during the design and development phase. We recognize the inverse relationship between technology risk and cost, and use a tailored Agile methodology to deliver enterprise solutions that are more cost-effective, modular, flexible, maintainable and intuitive.


We can show you how effective solution prototyping will reduce your overall risk throughout the systems acquisition lifecycle.

Agile Methods

We apply our Agile methods to improve your operations in a low-risk, iterative and user-centered fashion.

We use various agile methods, tailored for each customer engagement to produce the best results given operational conditions and constraints: Scrum, Kanban, Agile.

We advance operational efficiencies by working closely with end-users for “user-centered design at the edge”. We apply innovative technologies and methodologies to explore relationships in existing data and processes to discover gaps, connect disparate operational views, and extract new capabilities and insights. We develop short-turnaround solutions and demonstrate them to the stakeholders. Working in partnership with our customer, we use that feedback to prioritize new concepts and focus efforts on those capabilities that deliver the most value. Through our Agile process we mature those solutions into tested and proven applications, ready for integration into operational systems.

Low-Risk Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technologies can exponentially advance your operations. Let us show you how with our low-risk model.

Graph data. Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality. IOT. Biologically-inspired systems. Game-changing technologies can transform the way you do business, delivering orders-of-magnitude improvements and opening new opportunities. But there is a downside—these kinds of technologies are disruptive and face enterprise adoption hurdles. We have developed proven methods to introduce these kinds of disruptive technologies using an iterative model that reduces the operational churn and risk. It works like this: find a small, low-risk area of operations that would benefit from disruptive technology, implement it there, and then grow and expand it out over time. This approach reduces risk in a try-before-you-buy model that increases enterprise adoption.

Take your operation to a whole new level.

We can get you there with low-risk introduction of transformative technologies.

Chance that your operation would not benefit from disruptive technologies.

Number of engagements where we've successfully used this method.


Percentage of users who adopt technology introduced with our methods.

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Iterative introduction of game-changing technology reduces your operational costs, mitigates your technology risk, and brings positive results to your bottom line.

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